Friday, June 7, 2013

Assembling The Sides Of The Enclosed Trailer

I attached the front wall of the trailer first.

I put the plywood on the bottom of the frame since the frame had extra framing supports welded on the sides

I connected the right wall next.  I only painted the inside of the trailer so I could attach to the frame and not have to worry about taping walls up and making a mess.  I realized when already assembled that I should have painted all four sides of the framing.  I only painted the 3 sides you can see.

With the one side fully up......

Front View

Looking at the back...

You may call me crazy or stupid but I used a 1 inch paint brush to paint this whole trailer.  I have my reasons tho.  Bigger brushes results in more paint lost in the bristles.  Using a paint roller puts a thin coat of paint and although it is quicker,  I would rather take my time and save money by using less paint.  In all I used a gallon of gloss black, 2 pints of brown, and 3 gallons of gray.

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