Friday, June 7, 2013

Putting The Roof On The Enclosed Trailer And Finishing Touches

This is the framing to cover the tires.


This is the finished section of the interior.  


The exterior of the enclosed trailer slowly getting painted.


Got the second coat on.


The roof getting painted.


Framing the roof of the enclosed trailer.

The roof is installed and interior lights getting wired up.


The framing for the back door.


 I used the pressure treated boards that was on the trailer originally to make the back wall.

Before trimming.


I also ripped the leftover pressure treated boards to do the trimming.


I put 2 vents in the sides of the walls at the top.


This is the almost finished back door.  The small door on the left is actually a ramp.  I installed car fog lights on the back to help me maneuver and use it at night time.  The back door is slowly getting sprayed with glow in the dark paint.  I am tinkering with maybe doing an advertisement on the back door that will glow for a little bit when being followed by cars. 

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