Friday, June 7, 2013

Prepping The Frame Of My Enclosed Trailer

The first thing I started on once getting the frame is to strip the pressure treated board off of the frame.  I saved the boards and used them to make the back door.  Once stripped, I used some oil based paint and painted the frame.

Next, I had to get some lumber and plywood.  So I posted some items on Craigslist and within a few days, I had 12 sheets of 1/2'' plywood and enough 2x2's to start building.  I traded a new toilet and a gas burner for all of the lumber, yet, not costing anything to build so far.  Well, besides the car I traded and the wood screws.  I then framed up the floor and painted underneath the floor that will take the brunt of the weather.

I used gloss black for the undercarriage.  I framed the floor in 3 pieces to make it easier for me to assemble.

I used self-tapping 2'' screws to connect the floor to the frame. 

On the center piece I attached the center framing to the metal frame first.  

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